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Welcome to the "Ashes To Ashes" Last Icon Maker Standing (LIMS)

Blimey if that skirt was hitched any higher could see what you had for breakfast

Ashes To Ashes LIMS
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Ashes To Ashes Last Icon Maker Standing

Ashes To Ashes LIMS
a2a_lims is a Last Icon Maker Standing icon competition dedicated to Ashes To Ashes, spin off of the popular show Life On Mars. For every challenge you will enter an icon using a picture relating to the show.
Every time the voting goes up, you will vote for your least favourite icon. The icon maker with the most votes willl be eliminated, until only one icon maker is left standing.


Sign up
- First you must JOIN so you wont miss any important updates.
- Then you need to sign up.

- When signing up you MUST put "Trust the Gene Genie" in the subject line, so we know that you have read the rules.

- Once the round begins you may no longer sign up until the next round begins.

- Your icons must remain anonymous until the results are up. If we see your
- If you have NOT posted an icon by the end of the deadline, then a skip will be used.
- When you run out of skips you will be disqualified.
- Once you have signed up you will recieve ONE skip.
- To receive more skips you need to pimp the community.
(To do this reply to your original comment on the sign up page with links to places you have pimped.)
- The max number of pimps you can have is THREE.
icon anywhere else but here, you'll be disqualified.
- You may only use the image(s) we give you. Nothing else is allowed. Stock and Texture etc. are allowed to make your icon pretty.
- Your icon must fit LJ Standard (no larger than 100x100, smaller size than 40kb).

Format for posting:

- The voting will go up on Friday. You must vote for your least favourite icon(s).
- You should give a reason why it was your least favourite icon.
- Your vote must be on the quality of the icon, not from personal taste.
- If we see any bitching you will be banned.
- Comment with your least favourite at the top.

Voting Example:

#3 text doesn't fit the mood of the icon
#1 the image is too blurry
#9 colouring is too bright and over powers the base

- The results will be posted on Sunday along with a new challenge.

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